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Our Public Web Browser (PWB) has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Starting from humble roots as a simple web browser written to help secure a terminal server, to the browsers current state, PWB continues to grow.

Public Web Browser

How is this all possible?
The WebBrowser control is the main browsing component used by Internet Explorer. Public Web Browser is built using the same technique as Internet Explorer, by employing the Microsoft WebBrowser control.
"In the furor over Netscape's release of the Navigator source code, Microsoft's customization options for Internet Explorer often get short shrift. This article discusses how you can reuse Internet Explorer's WebBrowser control in your own applications, both as a platform for building your own browser implementation or, as we feel will become increasingly popular, the user interface for a "traditional" application."

Internet Explorer 11.0 and PWB
PWB was developed using the Microsoft standards for hosting the IE Web Browser control. We have thoroughly tested PWB with IE 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8. PWB will continue to function without trouble on both platforms with IE 10. PWB will also gain any non-GUI functionality that is included with IE 11.0.

Celsus Electronic Document Delivery
Celsus was designed to be simple in order to avoid unnecessary file corruption and user file problems. Simply put, Celsus takes a PDF document and copies it to a web or FTP server, and then sends an email with a link to retrieve the document. Celsus is driven by a MySQL database with an interactive request and delivery web site and Windows based staff application. Developed with the input of the University of Minnesota Libraries for use in their InfoNOW service, Celsus 2 provides a robust yet intuitive Electronic Document Delivery system.

Click here for more information
University of Minnesota InfoNOW

Celsus 2 is now available as Open Source!
Celsus hosted on Google Code


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